Silvere Sillago Sashim     Ark Shell Butterfly Akagai
Sardine Mamakari     Squid Sushidane
Fillet Roll Squid   Sardine Fillet   Sillago Fillet
Squid Tube  
Cuttlefish Fillet
Squid Tube & Head   Squid Tentacle   Squid Ring
Half Shell Scallop   Raw Squid
Squid Ring Skin-on IQF   Squid Ring & Tentacle Skinless   Squid Logigo Edulis Whole Round
  Whole Cuttlefish Cleaned
  Shrimp Pud
Octopus Open-cut   Scallop Meat   Frozen Crab
  Dried Skinless Squid
  Dried Yellow Striped Travally - Shimaaji
Dried Lizard Fish   Dried Leather Jacket   Dried Moontail Bigeye   Dried Butterlly Bigeye
Squid Semi Dried   Half Dried Brotched Croaker Fillet   Dried White Sardine
Seafood Cocktail   Fish Spring Roll
Round Scad   Hole Cleaned IQF Spotted Grouper
Premium Stuffing Squid   Calamari   Dried Squid Ready To Eat
  Yellow Tail Fillet
  Round Silago Whole Round In IQF
Dried Spiced Leather Jacket Fish   Dried Bone Of Leather Jacket   Round Scad Cooked With Brine In Pot
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